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October 13th

LEGO Universe Out Now

Last weekend the newest MMO was officially launched. LEGO Universe is the first ever Massively Multiplayer Online LEGO Game. Licensed by the LEGO Group and developed by the up and coming gaming company NetDevil. u1.jpg After almost a year of Beta testing this game, it's good to finally see it live and open for play to the rest of the world. It's a pretty fun game with smooth mechanics and easy to learn controls that even the younger LEGO fans will be able to pick up pretty quickly. u8.jpg If you preOrdered this game, then you were able to start playing last Friday, October the 8th, and in addition you received an Exclusive Orange Astronaut Mini-fig and matching outfit for your in-game avatar to wear. u9.jpg If you've not picked up your copy yet, I'd suggest you swing by your local game store to pick up a copy or go online to the LEGO site. The game runs around $30 depending on where you purchase it. After your first month of play you can subscribe to play for a $15 monthly fee, which is average for most high-end MMOs these days.

June 12th

The Force Unleashed II - E3 2010: Exclusive Betrayal Cinematic Trailer

May 27th

My New Toy

Well, as a very early birthday gift, I received a new digital camera that takes amazingly high quality pictures so I've been playing with it during what little free time I have.

Here's a picture I took of my Chrome Vader on my drawing desk. Considering the wonky light sources, and the fact I just held the camera at level with the figure, I think it took a pretty darn good pic.

Darth Vader

LEGO Chrome Vader

January 18th

Hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday season this year and that you all got lots of LEGOs for Christmas.

Can you believe it's 2010 already? It still amazes me when I have to write out the date. But along with a new year comes new things to look forward to.

One thing that I am looking forward to is all the new LEGO sets that are due to come out in 2010. We've already seen some cools sets that came out this past year like the Hoth, Endor and Tantive IV sets. I can only imagine what the LEGO group has in store for us throughout 2010.

One thing I am bummed about though was finding out that the new Star Wars MMO "The Old Republic" being produced by Bioware isn't slated for release till 2011.

But it’s only another year wait. And a year seem to go by pretty faster these days, so it will be no time until 2011 is here I'm sure.

While we wait though, I spent a little time creating some of my own concept art drawings for my friends over at the Mandalorian Brotherhood.

And I thought I would share a few of them with you all.


Mando Jumptrooper

Mando Basher

And just for your entertainment; Boba Chicken from the Family Guy's "Empire Strikes Back."

The Giant Chicken as Boba Fett

October 24th

My Friend Matt McInnis over at Mantapus Productions has created a hilarious new Halloween Video parodying the old General Mills Monster Cereal lines. And he tasked me with the challenge of creating the Cereal Box Art for this project.

You remember “Boo Berry” and “Count Chocula”? But what if horror movie stars like “Freddie Krueger” and “Jason Voorhees” had their own Cereals? Well, it seems General Mills thought it was a good idea and so they opened up one contract for a new Monster Cereal based on one of the famous horror movie villains of recent years. Find out who gets the contract as these hilariously horrific movie Monsters fight it out for the singular honor of being immortalized not only on film but in cereal box form.

Check out Mantapus Production's "Monster Cereal Reboot" Halloween Special over at

June 15th

LEGO - JEDI vs Sith Minifigure Contest

"Sariss Dark Jedi"

Sariss Dark Jedi

Ok I know I promised the last batch of these was my final, but I only had one Dark Jedi left in the set so figured why not just do one more. Click on the above image to see the whole gallery.

Sariss Dark Jedi

June 15th

LEGO - JEDI vs Sith Minifigure Contest

"Yun Dark Jedi"

Yun Dark Jedi

"Maw Dark Jedi"

Maw Dark Jedi

"Gorc & Pic Dark Jedi"

Gorc & Pic Dark Jedi

"Boc Dark Jedi"

Boc Dark Jedi

Here are the rest of the vignettes I made for KAM's Finecloner Star Wars Faces of the Force contest. Click on the above images to see the whole gallery.

If you're eager to see more of my art, then don't forget to check out my webcomic "Lazy Bones" over at Prologue Comics that I update daily Monday through Friday. We'll be celebrating our 2 year anaversary this July since I first started posting my comic on the web back in 2007.

Thanks for reading.


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LEGO Unleashed is a Lego version of the Dark Horse Comics’ graphic novel The Force Unleashed.

Prologue Comics is proud to present the LEGOized version of this comic book in tribute to Lucas Arts’ groundbreaking new video game “Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.”

Be sure to check back every week for new pages of "LEGO Unleashed."

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